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What is a 4 Point Inspection?

​A 4 point inspection is a slightly dumbed down inspection.

It covers the large components of the house: electrical service, plumbing & hot water heater, HVAC and roofing.

This is typically not used for the average purchase or transaction but is designed for insurance companies and experienced investors who are looking to keep costs down while making a purchasing decision.

How much does a 4 Point Inspection cost?

4 point inspections are used primarily in Florida for insurance claims, however, we have redesigned them with the property investor in mind. We charge $225 for any house under 3000 square feet. This is to help the investor, flipper or renovation company determine if there is a profit to be made on the house they are purchasing. You will receive a report with defects of these systems and general life expectancy. That way, you’re making a more informed decision with all the facts in front of you. But who are we? Read on to learn a little more about our company:

A Veteran Owned Company

Covering most of central Alabama with team members in three different counties, we’re ready to travel to your location for either residential or commercial inspection services. We were founded by Mackay Barr, who is a former Army Officer and Afghanistan veteran.

Jimmy Tucker and Cody McCandless are also both team members who joined Mackay to help cover the entire region around Birmingham and Montgomery. Together, our goal is to provide a professional and impartial inspection service. Check out a few of our reviews to learn more, or call us at 205-545-2050. You can also learn more about the work we do and our employees by checking out our About Us page or visiting our FAQ