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Annual Maintenance Plans

Residential Property Inspectors: Home Inspection Annual Maintenance Plan in Birmingham, AL

Basic Annual Maintenance Plan


Our basic plan is a 4 point systems check on your home. The standard price is $225 and covers all but the largest homes on the market. Or consider purchasing the 3 year plan for $200 a year and stay ahead of the maintenance worries! Don’t worry, we will let you out of the contract if you sell the house!

Electrical systems will be reviewed for safety, potential hazards and defective wiring; the plumbing system will be reviewed along with the hot water heater to determine if any potential leaks can be identified, service life expectancy and functionality. Next, we will review the HVAC system to help determine what repairs need to be made to extend service life. Want to avoid purchasing a new unit? or costly repairs? let us review it and ensure it’s in top working order. Lastly, we will evaluate the roof to estimate service life, identify potential leaks, unsealed flashing and defective building practices.

You will receive a report that day illustrating everything we have found with pictures to help identify defects. Hand this to your builder or favorite contractor and they will be able to take care of everything.

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Premium Annual Maintenance Plan


Similar to our basic package but even more in depth! The premium plan is our Standard Residential Inspection with annual maintenance performed once a year on your home. If it’s the first time Timberline Inspections LLC has inspected your home, you will receive a full home inspection report. If you already have a Timberline Inspections LLC report, we will provide you with an addendum to that report with all new defects listed.

Plans start at $335 for anything under 3000 square feet! Call us today to get yours scheduled (205) 545-2050