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Tips to Your First Home

Alright so you've just purchased your first home… the excitement is overwhelming and you are still in shock at the simplicities that come with it. You no longer have to ask a landlords permission to paint or make cosmetic changes, the money spent on them is now going...

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Fixing The Whirlpool Oven Lock

I’m writing this article because Whirlpool thoroughly ticked me off with my oven/microwave combo! Since owning this oven I used the self clean for the first and last time and will never purchase one of these again. Now for those of you reading this to find the fix for...

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Making Use Of Scrap Materials

Introduction A lot of things accumulate around your home including keys and chargers in your junk drawer, or even Cheerios in every nook and cranny imaginable if you have children. Some of this junk can be useful, most importantly the spare hardware that could be...

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8 Tips to Prepare Your Home For A Storm

In Alabama we get a significant amount of storms, everything ranging from small rainstorms, tornadoes, blizzards and even hurricanes and tropical storms. It comes as no surprise that we have to be prepared to weather a storm. 1. Trim and Clear. I see this on just...

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Ventless Fireplaces: Are You Safe?

What is it? Ventless gas fireplaces are self explanatory but for our yankee friends up North, who have no idea what Im talking about let me explain. In the South ventless fireplaces are far more common, this is because our winters are so much more mild in comparison...

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Gutters & Roofs

Introduction  A homes gutter system consists of the gutters, downspouts and splash blocks or extension pipes Its purpose is to channel rainwater or melted snow and ice to an area away from the home and its foundation.  This article focuses on problems that can...

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