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We provide both residential and commercial inspection services to property owners. Based on this expertise in the construction industry, we frequently work with local attorneys on civil matters that require the expert opinion and testimony of a certified building inspector. If you require assistance for a case you’re working on, have someone at your firm reach out to Timberline Home Inspections for a free initial consultation.


The Process on Hiring a Home Inspector as an Expert Witness:

There are expert home inspectors

with knowledge in engineering design who find it better not to act as consultants all the time, but instead often appear in court as an expert witness on civil matters that relate to the construction industry.

What does a building inspection expert witness offer a client in Alabama?

Well, let’s begin with the expert definition of “consultant,” with years of experience advising paying clients, based upon one’s expert opinion.

The building engineering expert can help a client through his or her years of experience to prove a case by backing a claim with their years of expert experience as a home inspector.


In expert deposition, there is the expert witness and fact witnesses with years of experience in a particular discipline such as building inspections. The expert witness is only allowed to state facts during courtroom testimony; however, the expert witness can provide his or her expert opinion while in the employment of attorneys.


After performing a building engineering inspection on a property, the expert witness offers an expert report in such detail to the attorneys that the opposing party is often reluctant to take the case any further. Instead, they settle out of court, thereby saving the client time and money due to the years of experience offered in expert deposition.


No matter which entity hires the building engineering design expert witness for courtroom testimony on structures, the experience offered by the party must show no favor to either group. The building inspector must remain neutral, showing no bias.

Qualifications for an Engineering Expert Witness:

Nothing specific gives anyone the years of experience or qualifications to become an engineering expert witness, mainly since each case requires a different element of proof. The inspection expert must demonstrate his or her credentials and years of experience based on the needs of the particular case.

Before presenting an expert engineering deposition to attorneys for a home building issue, the expert witness offers proof of his or her years of knowledge on the subject, training, and certifications in the area of home design and construction. Also, the expert information presented must be relevant to the client’s defective engineering case during courtroom testimony. In order to get the evidence necessary to solidify a case, a litigator may require multiple expert consultations from a building inspection expert with years of experience.

The Expertise Attorneys Look for in a Quality Expert Witness?

A person that practices the home inspection craft professionally for a qualified number of years is eventually considered an expert in his or her genre:

  1. The person might teach the subject
  2. They may even be an expert author on the subject
  3. Typically they will have industry certifications from an organization like NACHI

The Expert Witness Process:

Building inspection consultants in Alabama

should be instructed by the attorney not to use generalized terms; all facts should be presented in a technical manner. These technical terms make the information given by the expert witness look more unbiased, and only reflect the truth about the work on the home from an engineering perspective.

The Recommendation:

When a client shows interest in hiring a home inspector as a water intrusion inspection expert, or for any other structural concern related to a construction project, the inspector should respond quickly with the necessary qualification information. Litigators have timelines to meet, so it’s important that the home inspector respond promptly with their experience and qualifications. If you’re an attorney looking for an expert in residential or commercial building inspections in Alabama, Timberline Home Inspections can be reached by phone at (205) 545-2050.

Since the request is usually transmitted by phone requesting, a good home inspector will take the opportunity to gather needed documents to show the expertise necessary to give an expert deposition.

Engineering Expertise Case Assessment

The next step for the home inspector

is to take the time to look at the information given while the lawyer or law firm looks over their experience and credentials. Based on the information at hand, the home inspector will make a decision on if they are qualified and willing to back this case with their expert opinion. Winning the case is vital to the client and also the hiring law firm, so everyone involved has some due diligence to perform.

The Agreement

In case of a loss, the attorney will usually be responsible for costs, since the inspector is billing them directly for their time and expertise.

Here’s a few more items that are typical in an agreement between an expert witness and a lawyer:

1.The confidentiality part of the agreement shows the limitations of the select expert regarding liabilities concerning confidentiality and confidentiality presented by the expert witness.

2.A “No conflict” segment offers the expert assurance of complete neutrality by the select expert. It emphasizes expertise in a detailed description of the problem and that the expert witness expects no benefits from the outcome of the litigation.

3.In the agreement, the topic of “Legal Matters” typically covers the “Hold Harmless” clause. It discusses the power the contract was written with and depicts where and how disagreements are managed.

4.The “Termination” segment presents the reasons for contractual termination, which might result from various circumstances.

Fees involving expert consultations start with an average retainer of $3500.

They start with an average and are sometimes higher in more complex cases. Prices and retainers are subject to the client’s budget, expectations and the level of expertise, time, and work involved.

Possible Fees Included:

Report preparation

Deposition (two-hour minimum)

Research/file review

Travel time

Building inspection experience and investigative services

Requested courtroom testimony expertise (half-day/full day)

Miscellaneous expenses (accommodations/ meals).

Pre-trial preparation for multiple expert consultations

Now that the papers have been signed, it is time to set up the inspection experience.

If the situation calls for expert witness consultations in Alabama, you need to follow up with the inspector for the actual on-site inspection.

Suppose you are searching for a qualified building construction expert with years of experience in Alabama to assist in civil litigation against a construction company’s shoddy building practices. Timberline Home Inspections has years of expert experience and a detailed resume to reinforce the years of expertise required to sustain our industry credentials. We have the expertise necessary to present a detailed property description that’s based on a full and thorough inspection of the property in question.

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