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Home Inspections & Commercial Property Inspections in Birmingham AL

Do You Price Match?

This is a common question, potential clients price shop to find the cheapest inspector and want to see if we will match or beat the competition. The simple answer is absolutely not, and here’s why:
Our home inspections are significantly more in depth. A standard inspection takes roughly 3-4 hours for anything under 3000 Square Feet
-We provide your first year maintenance inspection with our standard inspection.
-We pay for a lifetime subscription for you to use HomeBinder as long as you own the home.
-We conduct a free re-inspection after the repairs are made.
In short our inspections are a higher quality product. A $275 inspection from our competitor is simply not the quality of our standard inspection price.

Can I be There For My Home Inspection?

The short answer is “Of Course!” We encourage all our clients to come on the inspection and meet the inspector. We do not charge any different regardless and we enjoy having the client along to learn about their new home.
A short note on this; because our inspections are significantly longer than our competitors it can get a little boring if you are there for the entire time. The inspector needs to to focus and they may have to be quiet and concentrate while you’re there. We feel the best way is to give the inspector 2 hours to go through the systems of the home that require a lot of thought, and to have you come for the last hour or two.

I Cant Afford A Home Inspection, Can I Do It Myself?

We see this periodically and it’s never a good idea for several reasons: Often people think it is ok because they themselves or a family member, has significant construction experience; however, that person is not a licensed home inspector. Which means the seller does not have to make the repairs, there is no document provided that has any validity in court, and more simply they will not find everything a trained inspector will. Lastly, it very well could be a lender requirement and it may delay closing if you don’t get one done.
We put our money where our mouth is, if you’re not satisfied with your inspection we will not collect payment.

What’s Included With My Home Inspection?

Every inspection, whether residential or commercial, is completed to the InterNCAHI standards of practice. This is a top to bottom rundown of your new home and includes the electrical system, HVAC components, roofing, structural, crawlspace, plumbing, attic, basement and built in kitchen appliances.

How Long Does A Typical Home Inspection Take?

This can vary slightly based on the size of the home, age, and the defects we find. Typically it will take 3-4 hours, however large older homes can take up to a full day, and new construction, well built homes can take 2 hours.

When Will I Get My Inspection Report?

We guarantee same day turn around for all our reports. During the busy season it may be very late on the evening of the inspection, but you will have it by the time you wake up in the morning.

What Do I Do After My Home Inspection?

This needs to be a conversation between you and your realtor. However, after the inspection you will receive the report with your defects and maintenance items listed. Usually at that point you can start the process of negotiating repairs. They wont fix everything we find, and a significant amount of the items annotated are minor maintenance tasks for you to complete after you move in. You can always call us to get help selecting what repairs need to be done. We also offer annual maintenance plans to keep your house in the best shape possible for years to come.

Do You Check For Termites?

We will always look for obvious signs of termites, however this should only be done by a licensed pest control specialist. We do recommend that every house get a termite bond and annual maintenance plan for pest control, this is infinitely more important in the southern part of the US.