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Services & Pricing

How Much Is A Home Inspection?

It’s a question on the minds of many home-buyers looking to purchase their first home. The size of the structure comes into play here and we’ve decided to make it easy for you to calculate your costs before you call. Any home or structure under 3000sqf is a flat rate of $395 and each 100sqf over that is an additional $10. That’s our general rule for pricing, but we also do offer services outside the scope of a regular inspection like mold testing and our other ancillary services listed below:

Ancillary services such as Radon, Mold, Moisture Intrusion tests and many others have varying costs

that vary widely based on the needs of the homeowner and again, the size and structure of the home. It’s best to call for pricing, so that we’re able to discuss your concerns and provide an exact estimate.

Does Timberline Inspections Price Match?

The simple answer here is absolutely not! Timberline Inspections offers only the highest quality product on the market and because of the care and detail we take in each home, we cannot price match. Though you will find our prices competitive in today’s market, for us to offer our product cheaper would mean we would have to compromise quality. That’s something we’ll never do! Lowering our quality standards will not be done under any circumstances; even at the client’s request. You are potentially purchasing the largest asset you will ever own and it is important to us that you receive only the best inspection.