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Besides commercial and residential property inspections, Timberline Inspections has much more to offer the property owner. Have us call you or contact Timberline (205) 545-2050.

Radon Testing

Most people don’t think they need a Radon test… Alabama has one of the highest concentrations of Radon, a cancerous radioactive gas naturally emitted from the soil, in the United States. Contact us to help ensure your house is safe or to discuss Radon counter measures.

Mold Testing

​Mold spores are everywhere from in the air we breath to the food we eat. Natural moisture from within or outside of your home can lead to damaging wood rot and decay  thus potentially leading to structural damage. Hire an inspector that can identify and test mold to see if your house is at risk for costly repairs. 

Water Quality

Country living is a slice of heaven in the Alabama countryside. Green trees, tall grass and the solitude of running deer can make your own piece of paradise. That paradise can be destroyed by a contaminated well. Let us help find out if your water is safe to drink!

Septic Dye Tests

A backed up or non functioning septic system can put a damper on your day. Homeowners should have a septic inspection annually and buyers should have one prior to closing/escrow.

4 Point Inspections

Maybe you don’t need a full inspection. Our 4 point inspections go over the main systems of your home, HVAC, Roof, Electrical and Plumbing. If you’re in the Birmingham area and only need a localized inspection, the 4 point inspection could be the perfect fit for you.

Home Energy Audits

Most home owners never realize the amount of leaks in the thermal barrier of their home. You can literally save yourself thousands by investing a little money for a home energy audit and getting a little work done.

… and Much More!

We have more services from investor specific products, Commercial Property Inspections, Chinese Drywall Testing, Lead Paint Testing; the sky is the limit! Call Us Today or Schedule Online (205) 545-2050

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