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Whether you’re buying a business or an investment commercial property,

transitioning to a new location or building your first business facility; we can help ensure you get into the right property!

Timberline Inspections can help get you situated so you know the property you are buying has been maintained and/or was originally built correctly.


Timberline Inspections is licensed and insured to perform inspections in the state of Alabama and all are done according the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors Standards of Practice. Buying a commercial facility is a risk and we can assist you, to ensure that your purchase is inspected once, inspected right. Call us today and we will meet with you for free to determine the best way forward for you!

Electrical and HVAC specialists are included in the initial price of your inspection. Custom tailored inspection plans.
Energy audits can be built so you can upgrade and save $1000’s on monthly bills.
Commercial inspections are performed to the InterNACHI standards of practice for commercial properties.
Plans are custom tailored to individual budgets.

Are you looking to make a commercial property purchase in the near future?

You’ll want to know the condition of the building no matter if it’s a retail space, office building, or industrial space. The licensed commercial building inspectors at Timberline Home Inspections are here to help conduct a thorough assessment of the commercial property. Buying property for your business or as an investment is a major decision, and Timberline Inspections is here to help you be more informed before you buy.

Our inspectors check commercial buildings for any environmental concerns like mold or carbon monoxide buildup from a faulty furnace, while also checking for upcoming maintenance needs like roofing or electrical issues. 

If there is going to be a need for major repairs in the near future, our inspectors will document any of these findings so that you have a better picture of the property condition to take to the negotiating table.

Sellers can also make use of our inspection services to do a pre-sale inspection before you list the property on the commercial real estate market. That way, you can plan for any needed repair work early without the stress of being in the middle of the selling process.

Our team of commercial building inspectors serve all of central Alabama to include Birmingham, Montgomery and Tuscaloosa, plus many surrounding areas. Your commercial building inspection report will be filled with high resolution images and a detailed list of findings from your inspector.

Give us a call at (205) 545-2050 to schedule yours today.