Home Inspections

Home Inspections

Timberline Inspections offers a wide variety of services to all participants in real estate property transactions. We provide services for buyers, sellers, home owners, realtors and investors.
Our home inspections are the most comprehensive and thorough on the market. We are known throughout Birmingham for offering the most in-depth service available. Whether you are purchasing a home, commercial property or you’re an investor that buys 100 houses a year; we have the right product for you. Let us help ensure you get into the right home.


  • 24 Hour Scheduling
  • 3rd Party Insurance Coverage
  • Written 3rd Party Release In Agreement
  • 1 Free Re-Inspection
  • $10,000 Honor Guarantee
  • Report Records & Realtor Accounts
  • Free Negligent Referral Program
  • Free Instructional Courses for Licensed Realtors
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee

Whether you’re working with a first time home buyer or an experienced landlord, we ensure that each client you have receives the inspection they need.

From a 2,500sf house to a 20,000sf warehouse, Timberline Inspections can perform the inspections you need. We offer a wide variety of ancillary services to assist your clients. We can inspect for mold, radon, moisture intrusion, water quality and much more. ​


Timberline Inspections is veteran owned with years of construction, contracting and inspecting experience to bring to your inspection. Besides our license with the state we are Certified Professional Inspectors through the International Association of Certificated Home Inspectors.

  • We pursue constant education to ensure we meet and exceed the required 24 CE hours annually.
  • $10,000 Honor Guarantee.
  • Licensed and Ensured with E&O Insurance.
  • We provide free technical consulting as long as you are the property owner.
  • Never Keep You Waiting: If we’re late the inspection is 50% off!
  • Buyers Written Report and Inspection Complete Same Day
  • Ancillary Inspection Services​
  •  Free Lifetime HomeBinder Service
  • ​Thermal Imaging W/ Standard Inspection

You’ve gone through all the work of finding your dream home and it’s the single largest purchase you will likely ever make. Ensure your house is professionally inspected by a qualified home inspector from Timberline Inspections and purchase your new home with confidence. We can help reduce the uncertainty and fear associated around buying your new home.

Luxury Estate Homes

We also offer luxury estate inspections. These are even more in depth inspections that will take two inspectors typically 8 hours to complete. We see these purchased on higher end custom homes and/or for clients that have little construction knowledge and want more details regarding their homes. A free mold test is included with this service as well as infrared thermography of your structure. Pricing starts at $1495 and covers any home under 4500 sqf.



Home Binder is a free service that we offer all our previous clients. This is a digital binder for your home which will send e-mail reminders of maintenance tasks, track recalls on appliances and even help you manage products and services for remodels.

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