10 Things Your Building Inspector Wants You to Know

Did you know there were over 6 million home and building inspections in 2021? There are almost 10,000 inspectors in the U.S. today, and you should prepare if one is coming to your home or building.

Understanding your building inspector and what they want will make the process complete with ease. Keep reading, and we will guide you through the ten things your building inspector wants you to know.

1. Inspections Are Necessary

Whether you’re looking to buy a home or commercial building, as the buyer, you legally can forego a building inspection, but you should not. You must get an accurate look before financially committing to the home or building.

As the renter or seller, you should ensure that everything is up to code and there are no necessary repairs before someone does an inspection.

2. New Homes and Buildings Need Inspections

Even if a home or building were just built, you would still want inspection services to do a full inspection. Just because something was constructed recently doesn’t mean that everything is perfect.

3. No Returns

There isn’t a return option for any real estate, so you want to be 100% confident when buying a property. It could cost you thousands of dollars in repairs if something is missed or incorrect.

4. Real Estates Requires TLC

When you work with professional inspector services as a buyer or seller, you should know that a good inspector will come back with questions and issues. As the seller, you should be prepared to answer all questions.

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5. There’s Always A Fix

When it comes to an issue or repair, there’s always a fix. The question everyone will ask is how much it will cost.

6. Hire A Professional

There’s a lot as a buyer you don’t know about buildings, homes, and the issues that can arise. Always hire a professional inspector because they can look for signs to see if something should be further examined.

7. Inspectors Aren’t Decision Makers

Although your inspector is there to help you by pointing out issues and repairs, they aren’t going to make the final decision to buy the property. You are the one responsible for making this last call.

8. Remove Pets

As a seller of a building or home, you want to remove pets. You want the potential buyer to come in and be able to picture themselves living or working there.

9. Clean Up

You should make sure our property is clean and clutter-free because if something is covering a vent, the inspector can’t examine it. You want everything to be easy and smooth for them.

10. Your Building Inspector Is Essential

If you’re buying a home or building, you need to get an inspection. There is no way to know the property’s condition without one, and they are essential before buying anything.

Prepare For Your Inspection

Whether you’re a buyer or a seller, you should be prepared for a building inspector.

As a buyer, you should know your property from the inside out so no surprises arise and ensure your pets and personal items are put away. As a seller, you should see an inspection is necessary and that the decision comes down to you.

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