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Do I Need to Be There for My Home Inspection?

A recent surge in home inspections shows that buyers are regaining purchasing power. If you're selling, you may ...

Commercial Building Inspections: What Inspectors Look For

Did you know that building codes are updated every three years to continue improving the structural integrity of ...

10 Things Your Building Inspector Wants You to Know

Did you know there were over 6 million home and building inspections in 2021? There are almost 10,000 ...

Flooding Prevention and Restoration

Whether from a torrential rainstorm, heaps of melting snow, or a leaky dishwasher, flooding can cause massive damage ...

Life Time Commitment Day invites people to get into fitness and raise money for Make-A-Wish

That time is coming up again: the new year. And with the new year and a new decade ...

Reliving the Roaring 20’s at Iron City’s New Years Eve Party

Thankfully it’s no longer a crime to have the occasional drink. This isn’t Prohibition after all. But Iron ...

Home Inspection Videos

Inspection Insight: Gutters and Surface Drainage


Inspection Insight: Nail Pops and Bathroom Fans


Inspection Insight:
Sewage Ejectors


Inspection Insight: Water Shutoffs


Inspection Insight: Wall Cracks


A Brief Attic Inspection


Inspection Insight: Gambrel Roof


Inspection Insight: Windows


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