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How to Read a Home Inspection Report in Alabama

A home inspection report is simply a written record sent to you by a home inspector following their ...

What Do Home Inspectors Look for When Selling a House?

Are you planning to sell your house, but it is in its “as-is” condition? You have also adjusted ...

Residential Mold Testing: What Every Homeowner Should Know in Alabama

Attention, Alabama homeowners.  Before taking another breath in your home, make sure you know what's lurking in the ...

Buyer Home Inspection Checklist: What Should I Do During My Home Inspection in Alabama?

As a homebuyer, when you schedule a home inspection, different questions come into your head. One such question ...

Do You Want to Buy a Rental? Multi-Family Property Inspection Might Be for You

Buying a rental property is a great investment. Only if you do it right.  When you make up ...
draw inspection

What is draw inspection, and Why Inspectors Offer It

Draw inspection is an important part of the real estate and construction industry. It plays an important role ...

Home Inspection Videos

Inspection Insight: Gutters and Surface Drainage


Inspection Insight: Nail Pops and Bathroom Fans


Inspection Insight:
Sewage Ejectors


Inspection Insight: Water Shutoffs


Inspection Insight: Wall Cracks


A Brief Attic Inspection


Inspection Insight: Gambrel Roof


Inspection Insight: Windows


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