Do I Need to Be There for My Home Inspection?

A recent surge in home inspections shows that buyers are regaining purchasing power. If you’re selling, you may wonder whether you have to be there for the home inspection. 

The answer is slightly more complicated than yes or no. Find out what to expect with a home inspection, whether you need to be there, and more in this guide. 

What Happens During a Home Inspection?

A home inspection assesses the state of your property and includes checks of the physical structure, roof, ceilings, walls, floors, basic safety features, and more. 

An inspector makes sure that appliances work, examines your heating and cooling system, and checks the plumbing and electrical wiring. Essentially, home inspection services ensure that a house is in good condition and safe to live in. They look everywhere, from the attic to the basement and everywhere in between. 

Inspections can take several hours to complete, depending on the size and condition of the house. They provide an objective report on the condition of your home. 

Do I Need to Be Home During the Inspection? 

Since an inspector needs to check a house thoroughly, many sellers and buyers want to know if they should be present during the process.  

Although not mandatory, it’s strongly recommended that the buyers attend the home inspection. Although inspectors provide detailed reports, pictures, and possibly videos, it’s still better to see any issues in person. This part of the process is also the best time to ask the inspector questions. 

Since it’s recommended that buyers attend the inspection, what about homeowners? 

Sellers usually have an emotional attachment to their homes. As such, it isn’t recommended that they’re present during the inspection for several reasons. 

For one, sellers may hear about an issue and take it personally. A buyer might say they dislike the color of a wall or that the basement smells musty. 

Even if you think you have a level head when it comes to your home, being present during the inspection can make the buyers feel uncomfortable. It’s best if both the seller and the realtor are not present during the inspection. 

Should Buyers Attend a Home Inspection Alone? 

It’s not uncommon for a buyer to attend a home inspection with family members or friends. This isn’t always a good idea, as the more people involved and the more opinions there are, the easier it is to distract the inspector. 

Too many people walking around can also make an inspection difficult, as people can get in the way or make the process take longer. 

Therefore, we recommend that buyers limit the number of people they bring along. 

Selling Your Home Soon? 

If you’re selling your house soon, we recommend not attending the home inspection. It can make the buyers feel uncomfortable and even cause the transaction to fall through. 

If you’re a buyer, it’s highly recommended to attend the home inspection in person. However, limit how many people you bring with you. 

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