Home Inspection Expert Witness

If you're considering a legal case or planning to take a contractor or property seller to court, our services as an expert witness allow us to provide professional insight into the condition of a property or the quality of work completed based on our years of expertise and training.

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Expert Witness Services to Alabama Law Firms

Commercial & Residential

We provide expert witness services to law firms across the Alabama area for commercial and residential cases. By conducting a professional inspection of a site, we can offer clear insight into work quality, negligence, or failures in constructing or maintaining a property.

How The Process Works

Once a legal team hires us, our experts travel to the property and conduct a thorough inspection dictated by the concerns raised. For instance, we could focus on electrics or structural problems or complete an unbiased assessment of the whole property from top to bottom.

Years of Experience

A building engineering expert can help prove a case by backing a claim through their years of experience in home inspections and expertise.

Expert Deposition

There are expert and fact witnesses with years of experience in a particular discipline. The expert witness can only assert facts during courtroom testimony; however, they can offer expert opinions while employing attorneys.

Expert Report

The expert witness provides a detailed report after a building engineering inspection, often causing the opposing party to be reluctant to proceed with the case. Instead, they settle out of court, saving the client time and money.

Neutral & Unbiased

No matter who hires the building engineering design expert witness for courtroom testimony, the experience offered by the party must show no favor. The building inspector must be neutral and unbiased.


The inspection expert should exhibit their certifications and long periods of involvement given the necessities of the specific case. The expert witness provides evidence of their years of knowledge, training, and certifications in the home design and construction field before presenting an expert engineering deposition to attorneys for a home building issue. In addition, the client's defective engineering case must be relevant to the expert testimony presented in court. A building inspection expert with years of experience may require multiple consultations from a litigator to gather the evidence necessary to support a case.


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Cody did a wonderful job inspecting our home. He was also very professional. He checked for EVERYTHING! My husband and I were very pleased with his service. I would without a shadow of a doubt use Timberline Inspections again!


Mackay is EXTREMELY professional, and I love how much time he spent explaining every detail with us. His advice was so valuable, and I’m grateful that we chose Timberline Inspections!


They were incredibly prompt and thorough with the inspection, they communicated everything to us clearly and in a timely fashion. Report was ready the same day as well. Would definitely recommend them.


Cody M. Did our inspection on a 2500sq ft home we are purchasing .. it took him 6 hours! But he told us that in advance. This house is huge and he was EXTREMELY thorough about everything. We are very pleased and would highly recommend him to anyone!


I have used Timberline on more than one occasion and have been extremely satisfied with the amount of work they put into each inspection. I have used dozens of inspection services over the years and by far, Timberline is the most professional. On time. Affordable one I’ve used. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!