How Often Should I Get a Home Inspection?

If you’re a homeowner, whether you’re considering selling in the near future or not, getting a home inspection can give you vital information about the state of your house. 

Home inspectors check everything from the foundation to basic safety features. They can spot issues that homeowners may not notice. 

But how often should you get a home inspection? Read on to find out. 

The Importance of a Home Inspection

Most people think of a home inspection as a key part of the home-buying process. However, an inspector can also help educate you on how to protect your investment

Home inspectors are trained to spot issues that could cost you. They have the knowledge and tools necessary to check parts of your home that you likely don’t see or wouldn’t know about.  

For instance, home inspectors can tell you if additions to the property were completed without following code or the required permits. They look for moisture damage and signs of termites, which can harm the integrity of your home’s structure. 

Homeowners don’t usually have the knowledge or the equipment needed to inspect every part of their property. They may perform routine maintenance, but it’s quite common for issues to develop in areas we can’t see. 

Flickering lights may indicate an electrical problem. The root system of a tree or bush planted too close to your home could have damaged the foundation. 

When to Schedule a House Inspection 

There’s no doubt that an inspection is a critical part of learning more about the state of your property. However, how often should you schedule home inspection services

As a general rule, you should schedule a home inspection once a year. Pests and moisture can damage a home faster than you might think, and spotting the warning signs early can save you thousands. 

Age also plays a part in how often you should schedule a home inspection in Alabama. New construction homes and those less than 10 years old may only need an inspection every 3-5 years. 

The climate and conditions in your area also affect this timeline. Excess moisture and humidity can cause mold and mildew problems. If you’re in a flood zone, you should consider getting yearly inspections to check for water damage and parts of your home that may need structural repair. 

What if I’m Not Selling? 

Even if you don’t plan to sell right now or in the near future, it’s still a good idea to get an inspection. It can help you keep up with home maintenance, address problems early on, and even prevent issues before they appear. 

Think of a home inspection as a yearly physical for your property. Preventive maintenance can help you save money and protect your investment. 

Find an Alabama Home Inspector

Scheduling a home inspection every 3-5 years for newer homes and every year for older homes keeps your house in great condition. 

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