Multi Family Home Inspections

Buildings with multiple units, such as apartments and duplexes, require specific inspection standards beyond those required for single-family homes. Our team at Timberline Inspections has extensive experience in providing services for multi-family buildings across the Birmingham and Montgomery areas.


Exterior Components


Structure, Venting, Insulations


Living Space



Multi-Family Building Inspections In Birmingham, AL

Multi-family building inspections in Birmingham cover residential spaces within each unit, such as living spaces, bathrooms, and kitchens. Plus, communal areas are provided as on-site facilities. We offer a service that covers the whole building, from top to bottom.

Why You Should Get a Multi-Unit Inspection

Multi-unit inspections provide a clear overview of the condition of a building, offering a bigger picture than a single-unit inspection could provide. If you’re planning to buy a multi-family property or you’re already a property owner, inspections are the best way to spot problems before valuation or resolve hidden issues swiftly.

Multi-Family Building Inspections In Montgomery, AL

If you own property in Montgomery or you're planning to buy a multi-unit building, a multi-family property inspection is an ideal way to get a comprehensive overview of the condition of the property you own as a whole.

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What is Included in a Multi-Unit Inspection

A multi-unit inspection in Montgomery can cover everything from living spaces within individual homes to external structures and on-site facilities, for example, shared and communal areas such as gyms or laundry.




Cody did a wonderful job inspecting our home. He was also very professional. He checked for EVERYTHING! My husband and I were very pleased with his service. I would without a shadow of a doubt use Timberline Inspections again!


Mackay is EXTREMELY professional, and I love how much time he spent explaining every detail with us. His advice was so valuable, and I’m grateful that we chose Timberline Inspections!


They were incredibly prompt and thorough with the inspection, they communicated everything to us clearly and in a timely fashion. Report was ready the same day as well. Would definitely recommend them.


Cody M. Did our inspection on a 2500sq ft home we are purchasing .. it took him 6 hours! But he told us that in advance. This house is huge and he was EXTREMELY thorough about everything. We are very pleased and would highly recommend him to anyone!


I have used Timberline on more than one occasion and have been extremely satisfied with the amount of work they put into each inspection. I have used dozens of inspection services over the years and by far, Timberline is the most professional. On time. Affordable one I’ve used. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!