Reliving the Roaring 20’s at Iron City’s New Years Eve Party

Thankfully it’s no longer a crime to have the occasional drink. This isn’t Prohibition after all. But Iron City is planning to have a Roaring 20’s-themed event on December 31 to close out the old year and welcome the new one, so anybody who has flapper dresses and dapper suits should think about joining in to relive that by-gone era.

The music for the night will be provided by the Schmohawks, a Birmingham cover band with Jon David Conolley on vocals, with Roger Jones on Drums, Daniel Simpson on guitar, David Somerall on Bass, and Dan Tidwell on Keyboards and Saxophone. Founded in 2012, they’re known for covering a wide range of music from other by-gone areas and it looks like they’ll knock it out of the park again on New Year’s Eve.

There’s a good reason why the 1920’s was called the “Roaring 20’s”. It was a time of prosperity and excess, marked by the Prohibition era with the passing of the Volstead Act and those who refused to follow through with it. Although it might be easier to think of the 30’s with Al Capone and Bonnie and Clyde in the news, Prohibition began after the act was ratified in 1919, just before the 20’s began to roar.

It was a glamorous decade but unfortunately it all came to an end with the stock market crash of 1929 and set the stages for the Great Depression in the following decade. Still, the decade lives on in the American imagination with the rise of jazz, women’s right to vote, and the iconic fashion in the form of flapper dresses and cloche hats.

Costumes are encouraged for the New Years Eve Roaring 20’s Party. Tickets for the event are $75 to $125. The event will be from 9 p.m. to 1 a.m. Iron City is located at 513 22nd Street South.