Sweet Tater Festival – Labor Day Weekend

Finding things to do in the summer months is a job for mom and dad, as those kids need to be entertained! One of the great things about Alabama is that there are many varied events taking place across the summer – and indeed throughout the year – that are great for children. Some are quirky and original, others are more traditional and celebrate the rich culture of the region, and then there are those that are fun, relaxed and just great for families, and that offer a slice of local culture and a warm welcome.

If you’re looking for something to do on Labor Day Weekend – the 1st and 2nd of September, 2019 – you need to check out a great event that has something of everything to offer. This is the Sweet Tater Festival, a traditional festival celebrating one of Alabama’s most famous crops, the Sweet Potato! But it’s not just sweet taters – although there’ll be plenty of them around – because this is a festival that has something for everyone, from the youngest kids to Mom and Dad, and it’s a fun event that brings in the crowds.

sweet tater fest cullman

Where to Go

The Sweet Tater Festival is held every year in Smith Lake Park, Cullman, Alabama and this year will be its 23rd year! That a local community event has been run annually for so long simply tells you it’s going to be a lot of fun! So, apart from sweet taters, what can you expect? The answer is more variety than you might expect, and a very warm welcome from the locals!

The festival is aimed at having fun and promoting local wares – and sweet potatoes are the order of the day – and also at keeping visitors entertained. From traditional dancing, in which you can participate if you want, to a variety of different musical acts on the stage you have something going on all the time, and there’s the beautiful park to look around, too.

In addition to the entertainment, you will find food vendors selling everything you could wish for, local artists displaying their crafts for sale, and many more exhibitors there to enjoy the atmosphere and have a great weekend. A highlight for dad will be the annual car show, with some beautiful and treasured machinery on show, while kids will enjoy the funfair rides, games and other entertainment laid on especially for the youngsters.

From Local and Afar

The Sweet Tater Festival may be a locally run event, but it caters for everyone and promises a lot of enjoyment for a $5 entry fee. Whether you want to relax and enjoy the music, or have a drink and something to eat, or even participate in the dancing and games that are part of the fun is up to you, but we will say you will have a great time!

You can find Smith Lake Park at 403, County Road 386, Cullman Alabama, so make a note in your diary and enjoy one of the best days out in the region.