Top 10 Websites for Local Birmingham News

If you live, work or are visiting Birmingham, Alabama – and it really is a hidden gem when it comes to US cities to visit – you’ll want to know what’s going on, where and when. Of course, you’ll also want to access this information on the move, from your smart phone or tablet. It just so happens there are some great news and information websites dedicated to Birmingham and Alabama in general.

Here are 10 great local Birmingham news websites that you’ll want to be aware of when you’re in the city, covering everything from local and national news to traffic updates, weather forecasts and even where to find the best food in the city.

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This is the site for the local Alabama WHNT TV station, and covers not just Birmingham but a wide area of Alabama. Featuring local news stories – plus national breaking news of local importance – it gives a wide view of the area surrounding Birmingham and beyond. It’s an excellent source of up to date news for the region. They also have a twitter account and keep on top of events in the area.

Perhaps the most comprehensive local news website for Birmingham and Alabama, focuses on local domestic stories and is updated regularly. This is a popular website that also provides a wider view of life in the region. The ‘Life’ section offers great insight into local people and businesses, events and more. It’s also one with comprehensive local sports and election results coverage.

WBRC Fox 6 News

This Fox channel is dedicated to keeping Alabama – and in particular Birmingham – up to date with the latest breaking news, weather and events. With lead stories advising of storms approaching, and a section detailing what to look out for on the upcoming ‘Magic City Weekend’, this well-presented, colorful and easy to navigate site provides easy to read content. Overall, it’s well-written and informative, and is updated on a regular basis throughout the day.

CBS 42 Birmingham

The CBS affiliate for Birmingham is CBS 42 Birmingham. It’s a genuinely local news service that provides regular updates on stuff like weather conditions, travel problems and advice, plus local and national news, sports reports and news, and more. With a nicely planned layout that is easy on the eye, this is one of the more popular websites used by locals and visitors. They keep on top of important local issues in real time. We recommend you bookmark this site for use when in and around the Birmingham area.

Birmingham Watch

Birmingham Watch is another dedicated local news service that offers regular updates on breaking news. They also run live running news from other sources so readers can keep up with what is going on across the US. Birmingham Watch offers a lot of content in video form and has a younger readership than many similar sites. It’s designed to keep the reader entertained and informed. News, weather, sports and local events are all covered.


Featuring live breaking news broadcasts and general news updates for Birmingham and the Central Alabama region, WVTM13 is a great site to have access to when you’re in town. The emphasis here is on truly local domestic stories – often with a humorous twist – and regular breaking content. It tends to be first on the scene for many such events. Check it out for regular weather and events information, as well as traffic and public transport news.

Alabama Political Reporter

As the name suggests, Alabama Political Reporter is a site dedicated to politics in the region. As such, it’s thorough and comprehensive in terms of what’s happening in the Birmingham area in political circles. Useful for keeping up with candidates in both local, state and national elections, this is a site to bookmark if you are in the city on business or simply want to keep up with the local political situation. They post regular updates of the very latest news events in the political sphere.

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Alabama Weather Blog

A very useful website that keeps you updated practically in real time is the Alabama Weather Blog. The blog is a constant look at the weather – not just in Birmingham but throughout the state – with advice on what to expect and when. It’s essential if you are travelling in the region, especially during tornado season. For visitors and tourists, this may be a very helpful website if you need to plan whether to go to one of Birmingham’s many excellent outdoor attractions or to stay indoors. Easy to read and use, it’s another one you should bookmark.

The Birmingham Restaurant Raider

Not exactly news, but it’s very useful for those who live and work in Birmingham, as well as for anyone visiting on business. The Birmingham Restaurant Rider does what it says, and gives you genuine reviews of local places to eat. Honest and straightforward, it covers every type of restaurant in the city – from local to international cuisine – and will be very helpful in deciding on an appropriate place to take clients, family or just to go out for a bite to eat.

Birmingham Blogs

Our final entry on the list is a general one that, again, is not really a news site as such, but an insight into what is happening in the city, and how the locals spend their time. It’s fun, informative and interesting. It will help if you live in Birmingham or if you just happen to be visiting. It’s a great blog that you’ll keep coming back to, so make a note of it for your next visit to Birmingham.

That’s 10 websites that will keep you up to date and informed when in or around Birmingham, Alabama. There are many more that give you an idea of what is going on around the city. Keep a note of those that you need, and you’ll enjoy Birmingham even more!